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Program Overview

Through extensive research and experience, Family to Family Support Network determined that there is no established hospital care model to meet the complex, unique emotional and logistical needs of families facing unplanned pregnancy before, during, and after childbirth.  As such, these families are frequently left to navigate the complexities of their situation alone, which increases the risk of negative outcomes for the patient, the family and most importantly, the child.  With 3,000,000 women facing unplanned pregnancy in the U.S. each year, this gap in the hospital care model is critical.

To address and fill the gap, Family to Family Support Network created the “Unique Families” Program.  This innovative program is designed to ensure viable, intentional, individualized care for pregnant patients in unique situations.  These patient populations include but are not limited to: adoption arrangements; incarcerated patients; socially complex families; refugees and immigrants; and, those struggling with substance use disorder, sexual assault, and domestic violence.

The “Unique Families” Program guides hospitals in providing best practice and expert medical care and support to their patients via training and education; policy and workflow review; current state gap analysis; and, community resource connection.  Ultimately, the program empowers hospital professionals to acknowledge and serve the unique family to better the outcome for all involved, both physically and emotionally.


Comprehensive hospital and community training to provide compassionate care to every patient served

The “Unique Families” Program utilizes an established and tested curriculum to train hospital professionals in providing neutral, compassionate care to those facing unplanned pregnancy.  The training is designed to increase hospital staff awareness of their own personal perceptions and biases regarding unique families and their complex situations, so they are able to serve patients in an objective, non-biased manner.  It is also designed to improve hospital staff sensitivity, understanding, and skills necessary to handle the intricate emotional and logistical needs of unique families throughout pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery.

Following the training, hospital professionals feel confident, educated, and empowered to serve their patients while being sensitive to the logistical and emotional complexity of unplanned pregnancy.


Simple infrastructure to meet complex needs

Hospitals receive infrastructure development support and expert consulting to fully implement the “Unique Families” Program.  Family to Family Support Network provides operational guidance to the hospital as they review and update their current policies, guidelines, and workflows to incorporate the care model.


Pro-active resources addressing patient needs, resulting in improved patient outcomes

In addition to training and education, the “Unique Families” Program connects hospital professionals and community resources together to create a network of resources for families to utilize before, during and after delivery.  Through the program, hospitals will develop a comprehensive referral and community partner list to better patient care in unique situations and enable a pro-active approach to implementing resources to address identified patient needs.

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